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This is the post where everybody vents about how tired they are of seeing windows xp/aero glass/mac os x/os/2 warp/whatever inspired art, as opposed to posting trolling comments that contribute nothing to what's supposed to be an artist's community.

"Blah blah blah. Bitch bitch bitch. I dont see why we have to keep copying ______. If you like ______ so much why don't you buy ________ and use it. Why do you use linux if you want your system to look like _______. Window$ $uck$ and their interface is for n00bs. Mac OS is for losers and women. I dont even know why this website is here, all you should need is bluecurve or industrial or crux or whatever came with your distribution five years ago. Quit sucking the devil's teat. I only use my computer for the terminal anyway and if you need X you are a pussy. etc etc"

Anyway, this is the place for you to get it out of your system. Aaaaand go!


10 years ago

I think you are right, if you like so much the OSX or M$.Windows look, then buy the OS so you can use it. The thing is i like OSX but it doesn't have the power, flexibility and freedom as Linux, so I would like a linux-based OS that can get an art group or design team only focused on gui looks and friendly interfaces so it can be possible for linux users to stop thinking of copying other OS gui's.



14 years ago

For one thing, I do not want to be harassed for liking another OS' graphical look.

For another thing, flamewars are bad. Very bad. Could an admin nuke this thing please?



14 years ago

This is a GROSS and TERRIBLE use of Gnome-look! IDIOTS like this shouldn't be on this website!! What a JACKASS...

... He should have posted this under the screenshots section.




14 years ago

Can't help it.



14 years ago

sorry but....




14 years ago

No, sober. Sorry to disappoint ;)

Oh, and I'll take the opportunity to say that you've done some excellent work. Thanks!


product-maker bohoomil Jul 02 2014 3 bad
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