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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on

5 .0

This is my compilation of aurora-panel and aurora-library (*.7z compression, to decompress you must have installed "p7zip"). You must have installed: libwnck and libxml++-1.

Moja kompilacja aurora-panel i aurora library zapakowane w formacie *.7z (aby rozpakować musisz posiadać zainstalowany pakiet "p7zip"). Do działania potrzebne są zainstalowane pakiety: libwnck i libxml++-1.(Powinno działać ale nie gwarantuje tego)


13 years ago

i disagree

i am a recent convert and it was not a purely graphical reason that caused me to switch from windows. it seems a bit pointless to say that this looks like windows when so much does - surely all that matters is making something WORK WELL and LOOK GOOD. my old xp sys looked good. shame about working well.



15 years ago

the whole reason people are allowed to comment on this site is to allow them to espress an opinion. perhaps if you can't handle people expressing an opinion then you are the one(s) with the problem.

it's trash -- it looks like windows. end of story. an opinion.



15 years ago

i don't care if people use this but yeah, it does destroy the whole point. It's rather ugly to me and the whole reason I use Linux/GNOME IS to get away from windows. Why would you want to copy windows beats me, oh well.



15 years ago

to do the same with all the mac os clone themes? .. hell if you took all the copyright vilolations and themes that try to make gnome look like mac os off here you'd have like 10th the original content :)



15 years ago

Why on earth would anyone want to take a perfectly nice Gnome (or KDE) Desktop Environment and make it look ugly like MS Windows?

This is actually worse than the Mac OS/X wannabes that try to skin Gnome/KDE to look like OS/X.



14 years ago

Cos the Windows is still the most used Operating System (Desktop), for the dummies are easy to use Debian, Slackware or Red Cap and they are happy with it (but have to look like Windoze) more then the real Windows installation.

First no one (except the root thru CXOFFICE can install EXE Applications), no more broken registry
Second there is no viruses (at least no dangerous like the windows ones).
Third, cos one Gentoo cost nothing (only a lot of free time to compile it), but one XP Pro SP2 cost about 150 USD.

So if GNOME/KDE are more "windows" friendly, Linux will be more acceptable to the masses

Not anyone on this earth are with Linux from 15 years, but most of them are with Windows from 3.0/3.11.

Excuse me, but Linux have to walk a long way to reach Windows usability (yeah, it's bugy, it's slow, it's expensive) but is used, why ?

Cos everything Games, Programs (dont speak about this pseudo linux ports) are create for Windows, and long time will continue to be created for it.

Now with the OS/X

If u know in the time when KDE 1.1.0 comes out (ugly picture with X instead of pointer) and GNOME was 1.0/1.4 with GMC, OS/X have the greatiest look 'n' feel compared to all existance - Win95, KDe/GNOME,ICewm, E15.

In this time when Linux was for avaturists and nothing more then alternative to the biggest Emulator called BSD, the most used Desktops was Windows - 70% and Mac OS 29% and 1% for all Linux/BSDish fans...

Thanks to the author for this great work, Aurora Panel and Aurora Desktop.



15 years ago

who cares if you dont like it. its a good job and its worth being here so shut up and dont comment or download if you dont like it.



15 years ago

Oh, grow up.

There are certain things that the gnome panel has issues with - for one, actual support of translucency in applets and buttons is really hit and miss.

The fact that you can't really do a visual copy in gnome-panel of the Windows taskbar pretty much illustrates the limitations on it's own.

Don't knock someone for solving a problem, even if it's not a something you'd use.


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