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====EN==============Auto Shutdown====================

Auto Shutdown is a graphical interface to shutdown the
system after a certain time. To make sure that
everything runs fine, the file 'Visudo' has to be
edited. You will get more information during
the installation.

dependencies: System: Gnome
Applications: zenity

====DE==============Auto Shutdown====================

Auto Shutdown ist eine grafische Oberfläche um das
System nach einer bestimmten Zeit herunterfahren
zu lassen. Damit alles einwandfrei läuft muss die
Datei 'Visudo' erweitert werden. Informationen dazu
gibt es während der Installation.

Vorraussetzung: System: Gnome
Programme: zenity
Last changelog:

10 years ago

en, de
first release


improved the progressbar


10 years ago

Hmm, it's reminds me "the one way" -> installer & de-installer... (maybe ".deb" do this better?)
And a really short wave weight... 1,2MB.
Why don't use Ogg Vorbis? That will reduce weight to ~ 30KB. You have "Ubuntu" on requirements.

Scripting practice - OK, but the simple way is -> from "sudo" (Ubuntu):

shutdown -h number_of_minutes time

number_of_minutes -> put the number of minutes here, system will shutdown after that number of minutes.

For example:

shutdown -h 120 time

will shutdown computer after 120 minutes. You can set it from "1" minute.

For countdown aborting, set (again by "sudo"):

shutdown -c

Anyway, information about the time remaining to computer shutdown will be displayed on the terminal.


10 years ago

en, de
first release


improved the progressbar

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