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I feel that evolution being a big all-in-one outlook style app is a bit annoying, and in trying to think how to split up the UI, I thought that maybe having the main interface to it from GNOME be from the time/date applet.

This is a very crude mockup constructed in The GIMP by sticking various other screenshots together.. basically the idea is that you change the view on the calendar by clicking and dragging like you do in evolution, and you add events by right clicking as you do in evo. There'd need to be some way of handling the more advanced features like multiple calendars, but I'd like opinions on this so far :P



14 years ago

Looks like you might be interested in an application of mine: http://chrislord.net/blog/Software/Dates/ - The screenshots are quite out of date, check it out from svn and give it a try :)


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