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Hey guys. This is not really an app, but more of a how-to to get a main-menu sort of thing in Docky.

I've been using AWN for quite sometime now, but thats because of the lack of many docklets in docky; the main-menu being an important one (atleast for me).

So I checked out this post on the other day, which told us how to add the "show desktop" functionality to docky.

What we do is change the "click" function of the docky icon. So I modified that a bit, and got it to display the gnome-menu whenever I click the docky icon.

How-to do this:
1. install "xdotool" by typing in:

sudo apt-get install xdotool

in the terminal
2. press alt+f2 and type in "gconf-editor". press enter.

3. navigate to /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem and double click on "DockyItemCommand"

4. in the "value" entry copy paste this:
xdotool key -clearmodifiers alt+F1

(its case sensitive)
5. press OK and close the box.
6. press on the docky icon :)


9 years ago

* You must have gnome-panel running in order for this to work.

other solutions to have a menu with docky are Gnomenu, Cardapio, gnome-main-menu


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