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Nearly everyone loves Ubuntu (myself included), but I have a disdain for the default appearance. I’ve put together a theme based on Plastik, Crystal Clear, ish, and artwork from tri5tian. I’ve made some of my own modifications and rolled it all together in a couple of convenient DEB files. If you don’t want to use the DEB files to install it you may just download a tarball that you can unpack use as you wish.

In total there is an icon set, a gtk theme, a metacity theme, a GDM, a splash screen, a background image, and a skin for Beep Media Player.

The download link below will provide you with various download options


10 years ago

hi, I understand this is a pretty old post, but the theme is really nice, and it can be lovely to have a working download link, thanks in advance



14 years ago

This is by far my favorite theme I have installed. Excellent work, keep it up!!!



14 years ago

Hey that looks really promising. But two little things :
1. On gnome-look you can provide multiple download links so maybe you'll consider uploading separate tarballs/debs ?
2. The tarball download represents 30mo, worth mentionning as not everyone is having high speed internet connexion yet.

Meanwhile that looks good.




14 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion :)

I've added the ability to download each item individually, and I've listed the size of each file for this theme. I decided to keep it on my own web page because it now consists of 12 download options, which exceeds the number of download links that you can link to directly from looky.


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