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Asvorak math4 is my personalized remake of the standard Gnome «Swedish Dvorak» keyboard layout, adding frequently used symbols to more accessible keys, and adding symbols not present.

The layout was created to suit my needs, so it's optimized for chatting, coding and math-chatting.. ^^

Most notably /+(){}[]?!=;«»:&|$%#'" have been moved to Alt Gr + standard letters, and a bunch of mathematic symbols, as ∏∑∫∇∂√∀∃∅∞∈∩∪⊂ have been added, as well as the entire Greek alphabet.

This layout is still under developement, so comments are very welcome. I'm working on a similar layout for the terminal, and is using a beta version of it right now.

Copy the file to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/
In a shell, enter «setxkbmap asvorak math4» without «». You could also set it permanently in your xorg.conf-file.
Last changelog:

14 years ago

1.0.5 -- Switched places for «», from German »« to French «».

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14 years ago

1.0.5 -- Switched places for «», from German »« to French «».

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