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Two styles of menus, one as Pie and other as horizontal. Sorry to put KDE Menu, but it's because i made this to the new KDE4 but it's based on Gnome menu, so it can be used here.


14 years ago

So, I don't know how to make this, but if someone knows how to create this, we can make the horizontal menu to be as a panel utilitie. I think it's not so difficult to do. Has someone interesting in creating this idea?



14 years ago

I like the circular one, personally I think it would be useful if it popped up centered on the current mouse location (while checking to make sure the rings aren't off screen),

As for having more menu entries than can be shown at once, having the scroll wheel turn the circle around, exposing new icons and removing old would be cool.

I have no idea how hard that would be to implement, however.



14 years ago

while i think it's a novel idea, it looks like either one would require too much screen real estate (even with the transparency).

the horizontal one appeals more to me, but it would require way more movement than necessary to launch an application... click on applications menu, go to sound & video (which now is at least half way across the screen), choose the first item (now half (or all) the way across the screen again). and what about menus that are longer than the screen?

the pie design would certainly need less movement to navigate, but i would imagine that it would have even trouble more dealing with larger menus.



14 years ago

That is a F(ING great idea. Maybe not the circle thing, but that other one really appeals to me. I suggest that you post a thumbnail, though. Most people don't have the insentive to look at something without a preview.

Sweet idea. Hope to see it in gnome. In fact, it's such a great idea, that I can forgive the fact that KDE is plastered all over the idea, despite it being set up as Gnome.


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