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What is this?

Plank Themer is a small application that allows you to change the themes in Plank with one click.

It adds a dock entry in your Plank Dock and allows you to select the themes directly from there.

Additionally I'm mantaining a repository with the latest selection of themes for Plank.

Do you like Plank dock?
Do you love to change the themes on it?

Then Plank-Themer is your thing. One click, new look.

Wait a minute

BUT! Is not that already in settings~Elementary-tweaks?
Yes... but *NO*. You can change the themes from elementary-tweaks, yes, but it is really unefficient. It takes you 1) open settings 2) open e-tweaks 3a) Scroll down 3b) click on themes 4) select your theme (also scrolling). 5) in the mean time, this process eat your time, your patience and SPECIALLY your memory and resources.

This is an *on-dock approach*. That means that is a dock entry. On sight. Completely integrated with Plank. One click. No intermediate steps. No time spent. No process in background. No resources involved. And you can change the theme houndried times with an impressive responsive result. Even after using your theme 10 mins... you want to change it back? one click. From all points of comparison, it is a better approach than elemematry tweaks. Nothing against, of course, but the motivation of building it (and using it) is crystal clear. If you like to often change your Plank look, this is your stuff.

How to install it (English instructions)
Click on the Download button below, that will lead you to the Website in which you'll find further instructions, (the install it's just one copy-paste command). Plus, the site is rich in pics, videos and other stuff that shows and explain the functionality of Plank-themer.

See Plank-Themer working:

How to install it in spanish (original post):

PS: Please vote up if you liked it... and leave some comments below if you want something to be improved!
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7 years ago

Dec 2013:
first release.

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