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Im trying to make some improvements on gnome which i would like to share later but im stuck!

I have found all glade files which i need and as you can see on this screenshot i have added the banner to the glade file.

But when i run it nonthing comes up.

Do i need to recompile this application?
How do i do that?

Is there any other way for me to see this image when im running it.
And yes i have been editing files as sudo so i have rights to write to the file.

If someone helps me out i promess i will make a big suprise for you all!


13 years ago

you have to copy the modified glade file /usr/share/gnome-control-center/glade/ and then try again




13 years ago

I have modified those glade files in that directory.. but still no pic..

but if i add a label then its visible



13 years ago

I sadly cannot help, but I do like the look of what your doing and thought I'd mention it.

It looks good, hope you get it working :)



13 years ago

1.) Have you checked out how the PATH to the original image is being symlinked from the very sources?

2.) Is the picture in some special format and your GTK development libraries doesn't known about it?

3.) Have you tried both solutions? I mean, with the C code produced by glade
and the pure XML file called from another code in one or a few languages?

4.) If you really want your final product to be great I think you should break the current unintuitive <Theme> dialog: putting "Icons", "Cursors" and "Wallpaper" at hand while arranging the whole "Interface" and "Visual Effects" in a single and customizable section for advanced users.

Do remember that if you want your work to be in the main line some day it should be intuitive enough for n00bies and people who doesn't want to bother with too much whistles while usable for advanced people.

Note: If you are asking for help to help better the people why some guys are voting this lower?

Is people going nuts this days?


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