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Conky Clock Widget
by jpope v 1.1.2010.10.24
- 1.0.2010.10.19

A interactive conky clock. Click the 'LED' to view the current month calendar. The
calendar view is on a 10 second timeout and will change back to the clock after
timeout ends.

Updates(2010.10.24): Now has three different clock faces. (See step 7)
The calendar now highlights the current day more effectively.
Updated the calendar background to match the clock background better.

Set up:
1. If it doesn't exist, create folder at ~/.config/conky
2. Extract archive in newly created conky folder.
3. Copy conkyclock script to ~/bin and make executable (chmod a+x ~/.config/conky/clockwidget/conkyclock)
4. Make btnclockwdgt executable (chmod a+x ~/.config/conky/clockwidget/btnclockwdgt)
It has also been noted that clockswitch needs to be executable although this
isn't the case on my systems.
5. Download and install Oloron font from or change
conkyclockwdgtrc to use another font.
6. Run 'conkyclock start' to start. This script can also stop or restart the clock
if needed. Run 'conkyclock stop' or 'conkyclock restart' as needed.
7. To choose a different clockface, edit the file 'conkyclock.lua'. In the USER OPTIONS
section starting on line 30, change the clockface setting to 1, 2 or 3. This can
be changed without restarting the clock. See included preview.jpg.
8. To change the position of the clock:
a. The conky config file is named 'conkyclockwdgtrc' and follows standard conky configuration.
b. The button is controlled by the file 'btnclockwdgt' and its position is
determined in lines 28 - 32. The X position is set by XOFFST and is the amount
of pixels from the right side of the screen. The Y position is set with POS_Y.

mrpeachy -
ADcomp - and his ADesk script -
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