Offerings (Psalms 23:1 & 4)

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This ones for you greatscot Enjoy!

I understand that not all who view these offerings of mine are Christians, or even believe in God for that matter. For those of you please do not take offence from my work. I mean not to offend, but rather to inspire. Weather you are of the Christian faith or not, all can benefit from the message. Maybe a few will even come to know Him better. As it is said, "You can only lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"

And to those of you whom are Christians, GOD BLESS!

- GeeZee


16 years ago

Well, you can lead a horse to water, but even if I was a horse, I wouldn't drink water out of a sewer.

Let me lead you to the water I drink - it has no fantastic stories in it, so you won't need to swallow stuff like a guy surviving a week inside a whale's stomach, water->wine transformation and at least one zombie.



16 years ago

I hate to stoop to your level, but evolution is just as far fetched as someone surviving a week in a whales stomach, if not more! I have to thank the author for these offerings, even though they've been taken down. It's nice to see someone else out there of the same faith :)



16 years ago

Did you read the Disclaimer ?

As a french song says: " can't understand a god who forgive, that doesn't exist. A god who inclines himself in front of his subjects, crowned with spines. I let you judge of that" (very ugly translation)

If you already made your choice, allright for me, but please don't come and laught about that.



16 years ago

GeeZee,Thank you for creating these "Offerings", especially this one =)God bless you.


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