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On my way to sleep one night, this window decoration popped into my sleepy head. Somehow I remembered to draw it in Inkscape the next day. This is not a working KDE window decoration and so, as I have no QT/KWin skills, I leave it up to y'all to be inspired enough to implement it - if you see the need.

Attached is the Inkscape SVG file containing the drawing. Please feel free to do pretty much whatever you want with it, so long as you always give proper credit as to where it came from ;)


*** UPDATE ***
Maxilys has gone through the trouble to actually implement this at the URL below.


Please take a minute to check it out and show your appreciation.

Thanks Maxilys!


15 years ago

It's a nice win deco but I don have no window lines left, right and on the bottom. How can I fix that ?



15 years ago

Do not complain to Spasemunkie. He only got the idea and I implemented it.

All bug report must go to me.

Any way, this is not a bug. Use one of the provided colorschemes and here come the miracle! ;-)

To know how to change the color of the frame, go back to Porcelain page, everything is explained.


Follow the thread "Outline border". That should solve your problem.



15 years ago

I really like the ideas you come up with.
Please keep it up, seeing that some of us are not so graphically inclined, we can use your images for the coding portion.
I promise ya that I'll get your SVG Deco working that you proposed.


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