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This is an IceWM window decoration/theme I made a few months back. Being my first production theme, it took me a few days to make it, but I've been using it since then.

My goal was to make a simple, useful, professional and fast desktop. The window buttons disappear on inactive windows as you don't really need them. With "focus follows mouse" enabled this creates a really uncluttered look.

Of course, this theme would be useless without the corresponding Gnome and KDE themes. For a unified look, you can use GTK (Gnome) 3000_xeno, xeno_Discrete or Sunshine GTK theme and KDE's Light Style (2nd or 3rd revision).

I think there are some settings that I may have forgotten (like the colour of the logout window in IceWM.)

Let me know what you think and I'll try to polish it some more.


18 years ago

for me, uncluttered is a quite flattened
desktop on anything that is not active
, everything else look quite in order

and even an active window should not bubble
up so much, it looks strange having a bump
on the top

well, that is all, hoping you still got
chance to fix it



18 years ago

I just Download it, and It works perfect on my computer. :D


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IceWM is a stacking window manager for the X Window System graphical infrastructure, written by Marko Maček. It was written from scratch in C++ and is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. Wikipedia