Crystal Sources Everywhere!

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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Crystal Sources Everywhere!

Sources for the Crystal icon set are everywhere.
They are at many places in kde cvs, so many, it is
hard to download them. Artists more skillful with
sketchbooks than cvs, will be gladly surprised
Frans Englich wrote a script that collects them all, and that
Philip Scott provided a high speed server for the resulting zip: click on the download link!
(Take a look at the url: The icon set is hosted by Zeus & Jezus!)

Crystal sources may be at your home. Of course, Visionairy Everaldo
and Over Productive Torsten made most icons, still, Other Artists
made contributions too. For whatever reason, some of these sources
are missing. If you ever made a Crystal SVG icon, and see the source
is not in this archive, please send the vector source to: And of course, Everaldo too is interested
in your Crystal icons: "Everaldo"

Crystal sources are certainly to be found at the Suse server:
svg sources not fully ready to commit to cvs, and even
Everaldo's Illustrator files! See the Icon Guide for more
information about this.

The sources are especially useful for artists, developers
and for experimentation. Many icons, especially the smaller
ones are hand-fixed after they are exported to pixels. Running
the sources directly on your system will probably give poorer
results than using the png version of the Crystal SVG set
released by Everaldo himself:

Crystal sources may pop up in your head. Crystal SVG
is one of the most populair icon sets around.
Join this project, help to make it more complete,
and know your work installed on computers all over the world!
A good starting point is the icon guide:

Which icon to make? See:

With such a wealth of sources, your destiny is... to be inspired!

Have fun!
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