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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


(c) Nicholas Fellows 2004

Credit also to Lukasz -Lookanio- Purgal for additional icon concepts.

Read This Before installing

iConned toolbar icons intended for use with KDE 3.2 and the baghira burshed metal theme.
These icons are based on the look and theme of a different GUI I saw somewhere, sometime
They are my own interpretation of them and are significantly different enough to avoid potential conflicts.


I have not yet written a script for installing these toolbar icons yet. The intention is for them to be used in conjunction with a complete aqua style icon set. in my case the procedure for installing the icons is simple enough.

in your ~/.kde/share/icons/

directory you should find a folder containing the icon theme currently in use.
inside this directory (for example if the icon theme you used is called aqua)


there will be directories for the varioius pixmap sizes, each one containing an actions folder.

simply copy the corresponding folders in the iConned folder into the approriately named folders
in you local icon theme and bob's your uncle.

I'd reccommend backing up any stuff you want to keep before overwriting the icons that are already; as I cant be held responsible for a borked icon theme...

Please read the release notes below for additional info..

Good Luck ...

Nick ...

PS, I have supplied the gimp .xcf files im working with. If you improve, or add any additional icons then lets keep them together so email me. Also I am not really a designer so if something looks a bit cranky and you think you can help please let me know. Otherwise im still learning and if you like what you see and the feedback is good maybe i'll be quick with another release...

nick ...

Additional Note:
Baghira users; I will probably be creating a new set for use with the new baghira conjuncted buttons. This may well end up negating the need for this set; but we will se as I am yet to get my hands on the new bagira source.

release 0.5

Another update; We starting to look like a more complete set now. Added more icons, including the "Padlock" Icon as requested. Have fun with this one.

I reccommend using these icons in conjunction with an approriately themed set of icons, such as the aqua ones (which you can still find if you look hard enough) Other wise there are other aqua styled icons about the varios sites.


16 years ago

Hi, Can you publish all your icons without frames (all same as player icons currently exists). further if you publish them in 32x32 size, then we can use them with other icon sets (that comes with build script).



16 years ago

Nice work. Direly misses a lock/unlock icon though, as Konqueror will only show this one Crystal.





16 years ago

Thanks for pointing that one out ... I'll try and get one in for the next release..




16 years ago

Heey man i have a question for u ... how do you get this brushed style running baghira ... i have installed the version 0.3s and i don't could see where i might turn on this feature too i like the new tabbed style with the "choosers" ... i really want it.

Please you could help me with this ...

See Yah ...



16 years ago

u have to run "bab" from your cmd line or Alt+F2 and then you can switch the style by clicking on the new appeared icon in systray



16 years ago

Thanks man ...

See Yah ...



16 years ago

Good work, keep going, I suppose everybody are waiting for more complete release...


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