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Replacements for the KDE 3.1-Icons "new tab" and "remove tab".

I prefer the kdeclassic theme but did not like the icons for "remove/new tab" in konqueror (the 3.1-icons for these actions were 16x16 only, and scaled up to 22x22 they look terrible...) So i made two new icons for these actions which fit much better to the kdeclassic-style (i think).

The screenshot 2 shows the new icons in the first row and the old icons at 22x22 below. Maybe i will do "duplicate tab" and "detach current tab" too..


Simply unzip this archive into your .kde-directory
This should do it: unzip -d ~/.kde 4850-kdeTabIcons.zip

Answer "y" if there are "replace XY"-questions.

Note: The old icons are included in the zip-file (tab_new.backup.png and tab_remove.backup.png in share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/actions).
So you do not have to make a backup on your own.

You can also look at the "screenshot" below:

sebastian@tixtux:~> unzip -d ~/.kde /home/sebastian/newTabIcons/kdeTabIcons.zip
Archive: /home/sebastian/newTabIcons/kdeTabIcons.zip
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/actions/
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/actions/tab_new.png
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/actions/tab_remove.png
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/actions/tab_new.backup.png
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/16x16/actions/tab_remove.backup.png
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/22x22/
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/22x22/actions/
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/22x22/actions/tab_new.png
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/22x22/actions/tab_remove.png
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/32x32/
creating: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/32x32/actions/
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/32x32/actions/tab_new.png
extracting: /home/sebastian/.kde/share/icons/kdeclassic/32x32/actions/tab_remove.png

Any feedback: mailsp@sebastian-eichner.de
Last changelog:

17 years ago

0.5 first release, includes new_tab.png and remove_tab.png in 16x16, 22x22, 32x32


17 years ago

Those are definitely some of the most annoying icons in KDE - yours are a stylish replacement -- please do more...



17 years ago

I like the more squarish shape, rather than round in the default theme.

It would be great if there were similar icons for

- duplicate tab,
- open in new tab,
- open in background tab, and
- close all other tabs.

The default hicolor theme has consistent icons for all these actions (all roundish though).

thanks for your work,




17 years ago

squarish?! I made these icons because the 3.1-icons in the classic-theme had too many edges for my taste... ;-)
Funny... but most important is that you like it... ;-)

Yes, i think i will make the additional icons too.



17 years ago

0.5 first release, includes new_tab.png and remove_tab.png in 16x16, 22x22, 32x32

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