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These are wicd tray icons I created for myself. I was tired of the same looking wicd-tray icon which never fit my desktop theme.

I listed all files that net-misc/wicd installed on my system and found a bunch of *.pngs in /usr/share/pixmaps/wicd/

The icon set is smaller than the original wicd set, because I don\'t need information whether I\'m reciving/sending or both (nor have I an idea for consistent design). If You need it -- replace icons with prescribed names with yours.

If you want to create your own set, there\'s a small script \'mkicons\' to avoid tedious file renaming. Just make 4 files:
and run ./mkicons in the folder.

Pale icon set is intended to use with Kycons (and shapes are inspired by kycons indeed)
and some dark panel background like Elegance

Black icon set is intended to use with bespin icons (together with Bespin style -- the very best style ever!)
and bespin-like plasma theme (like Tibanna)

All icons were prepared using Inkscape (.svg files are included if someone\'s interested)

I\'m not really happy with a few things:
a) wired icons (in both styles)
b) signal icons in pale style (which are for now default wicd graphics).
If you have an idea how to improve them send me PM, comment, or just do it yourself!;-)

updated details related to glow in dark set

- download
- extract
- copy all files in ./wicd or ./wicd2 to /usr/share/pixmaps/wicd/ (at least in gentoo) or somewhere, where wicd stores its graphics.


7 years ago

Thanks for this! My system tray looks so much nicer now that the terrible wicd icon has been changed by your pale set! Your directions on how to install them were very clear too.



7 years ago

hi, a nice touch would be add a sort of "glowing", instead of plain black, as the bespin icons have. Get what i mean?
Also (but it should depend on WICD) it would be nice to have some sort of icon animation if hovered or clicked.




7 years ago

Just forgot to pipe it through bespin generate_icons scritp.

fixed now;-)



7 years ago

Hi! Here's another (and complete) set if you (or anyone else) interested. It looks like yours. I found it somewhere on the net a while back. Credit goes to Martin Sagastume (at least he is mentioned in the readme file).



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