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I just installed RedHat 9 with KDE 3.1 on my system. Tell me what you think of my desktop so far.

Also, could somebody tell me how I can get my KMenu to be transparent? And does anyone know of a theme for superkaramba that displays a simple clock? Kind of like that tube clock, but maybe digital and in that same tansparent effect.


17 years ago

Here's how to get the translucent menu going:

First off, it depends on the style you have installed. Some styles support it, others don't, and still Mosfet's Liquid is setup differently.

Most themes' menu transluceny can be set by going to Control Center->Appearance & Themes->Styles->Effects tab and checking the "Enable GUI Effects" checkbox and selecting "Make Translucent" in the "Menu Effect" drop down. Then, in the box below, set the translucency type and opacity. Now you can also add a drop shadow to make the effect really stand out by checking that checkbox as well. This works in Keramik, which is my preferred style.

Now, in Mosfet's Liquid, you go to Control Center->Appearance & Themes->Mosfet's Liquid and check the correct radio button for the type of translucency you want. If you choose "Custom Translucency" then you can choose the colors and the opacity.




17 years ago

Oops! Thanks for letting me know Richard. This is my first upload.

The application I used to display the weather is called liquid weather. You can find it under the karamba section. You need to install superkaramba before you can install it.



17 years ago

>> Tell me what you think of my desktop so far.

Wrong section.

People browsing this section are looking for wallpapers, not screenshots.



17 years ago

What is the application displaying the whether data called?



17 years ago

Its either superkaramba or karamba. Not sure what theme that is but you can probably find it here on kde-look.


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