KDE Plasma Screenshots

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


OS: Slackware-Current

First off, My wallpaper is
kdeX 1.1 by torben1

And the rest of my desktop is
SuperKaramba Themes:

Icons are Custom Themes
created By Myself

Top Center CPU Guage is
gcpu by kilativv, Edited
By Myself for a different

On The Left, the news (all 3)
are part of the news_mods theme
by adamberns

My Kicker Replacement is the
Glas-Bar theme by GeniusR13

System Tray Replacement is
the SysTray Theme by Jannis

Top Center XMMS Controls are
a hack of the BC Karamba Bar
by boskicinek. I Modified
it because i liked the
look of the XMMS Progress
Bar... And the Buttons.

The Binary Clock is the
Binary Clock Theme by selan,
which is described by selan as
"based on binclock, written by
Brian Gajdos , 2001"
(Just like giving everyone Correct Credit!)

The Tube Clock is the TubeClock
theme by ntesa (Love it man!)

And of course, my weather is the
Liquid Weather ++ Theme by Matti

Last But Not Least,
The Top /var/log/message view,
Right CPU, Ram/Swap, Traf, and
the Lower Left Partition info
are part of the TDE - T Desktop
Enhancements Theme by chip2003,
Slightly Modified by Myself.

Give me feedback people. This is the first time
I have done a total OS Switch from XP.

I've done Dual Boot before with Linux... but
never for perm like I have done now. Plus..
Im a FreeBSD admin (just alittle daemon, not a
big time Admin (yet)) and still getting
used to Linux. So far... I like
Slackware the best.


17 years ago

I have found karamba to slow the system down a bit. It's fine when i'm just on the desktop, but when i start a game like q3 or something, karamba slows it down. You mustn't be a gamer. Your desktop looks great though ;)



17 years ago

Soo not true! My system specs:

AMD 64 3100+
1.536gb RAM
2x 120 gb Hard Drives
GeForce FX 5900
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

I show no slowing down in my system running lots of karamba themes :D



17 years ago

Well i haven't used it for a while, maybe it's fixed.

time to karamba my desktop



17 years ago

One of the best KDE desktops I've seen in a while.




17 years ago

Thanks! It actualy took me
about a week to get it all set
up just the way I want it.
But after hard work, It looks
great now. Now I just need
to get to thinkgeek and
buy the real Binary Clock
to go on my desk to complete
the look ;)


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