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This is my mac-like desktop.
I'm not a mac-junkie but I like the design of os x.
KDE is very flexible and it's my favorite desktop anvironment.

This is SuSE 9.0 with KDE 3.1
(Could someone tell me or mail me or give me a link how to install KDE 3.2, because I'm a Linux-newbie)

I used the smooth Aqua Windeco, Baghira-style, Indigo-foam wallpaper and Graphite Rade.8 icons.


16 years ago

Maybe i'm doing something wrong, but how do i download this? all i get when i goto download is a screenshot that pops up. I must be retarded or something



17 years ago

Why don't make Linux look like Linux?
Please, don't get me wrong, I like Macintosh. Therefor I use an iMac and a PowerBook G4.But I want my Linux box look like -something different. Not like window$ and not like osx.But from the I-want-my-desktop-look-like-OSX point of view, I would say... nice. Just add dropshadows and a transparent dock and the look is perfect!.
The easyest way to get KDE3.2 is to update your SuSE to 9.1. You can get the KDE for 9.0 update from (nearly) every SuSE-mirror, but installing is a real pain. Due to some package incompatibilities (did I spell this correct?!?) you'll have to uninstall all SuSE-specific additions first, like SuSE -Watcher and other tools, you'll miss alot unless you are not a natural-born Linux guru. :). If you want 3.2 at every cost, I can mail you the whole procedure step-by-step.



17 years ago

Looks like you missed one thing, the drop shadow. Other than that, very clean and easy on the eyes.


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May 23 2010
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