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A bright 3D look, but without crystal for the most part. Widgets and applets are visible, as well as an interactive, themable clock in the taskbar.

-KDE 3.2 on MandrakeLinux 10 Official
-Window Dec: Plastik
-Icons: Nuvola, by David Vignoni
-Colour Scheme: plastik
-Wallpaper: unknown, from KDE-Look, edited by me.
-XMMS: Plastik
-KDE Splash Screen: Nuvola graphics by David Vignoni, originally for Kontact, but converted by me into a KDE splash screen.
-Mozilla Firefox: PlastikFox
-Superkaramba system monitor: edited by me using Nuvola icons, script by Life.
-Superkaramba newsreader: air_rss by Auke Bruinsma, edited by me, using Nuvola icons.
-Superkaramba weather: LiquidWeather Plus by Matthew, edited by me using Nuvola icons.
-Styleclock applet by Fred Schaettgen.
-Transparent console
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