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My desktop... I probably messed something up along the way because Firefox has one messed up menu. Clicking on an menu item (say, Bookmarks) will give it blue background and the dropdown menu is grey and fine. File browser keeps the blue background when clicked on, just it has a clicked appearance.

Now, after taking this screen shot I also noticed that gThumb Image Viewer has a black menu BG like FireFox, however, the text is white. Oh, and when you click on the menu (like choosing Tools or Edit) the background for that item becomes green. Odd... but kinda cool so that's not an issue that needs fixing.

Just Firefox. I also tried to override the effects with firefox themes, they don't seem to work though I know I had the Tango FF theme installed and working before I fiddled with my desktop.


13 years ago

Well, I can see you are using Moomex-Theme.

To get white fonts on firefox menubar:
Download (again) Moomex-Theme (0.6).
Type in Terminal:
mv $HOME/.themes/Moomex/userChrome.css $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome/

Restart firefox.

** For this to work, make sure you are using the default firefox theme.


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