Darkness RGBA with many mods

Gnome Screenshots

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Darkness-RGBA with a bunch of mods

Most Namely:
Patched gnome-panel to do rgba properly (though unfortunately the code is really hacky and a lot of the stuff is left improperly or unimplemented since its unnecessary for this situation)
Patched dockbarx.py to draw a little saner on rgba
Patched murrine to adjust the transparency as well as to remove special-casing of panel drawing.

This, along with compiz, emerald (which I need to go over and fix someday damnit...I wrote/patched half that code and its a mess! -- yeah I'm Quinn Storm, go by other names other places, heh), a reflection.png I put together for the reflection plugin, a wallpaper I put together out of a photoshoot I found on flickr I really liked, and of course blur and such.

I just wish firefox could play nice, but its not using gtk really...and there's no other browser option that I know of that does adblock plus.


10 years ago

Midori is fully GTK, i use it to play nice with RGBA, and it supports adblock :D

Just make it sure to enable and then configure the plugin



11 years ago

What did you do with dockbarx? Is it anything that would interest normal users or was it just useful for your situation?




11 years ago

It's not really quite good enough, but I patched its drawing code so it didn't blink/flicker nearly so badly, I should prepare a proper diff&deb of it too, right now I just have it hacked in-place


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