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You may have heard of my mockup for a Gnome theme called "Rockstar" (you find it here:, that did not become reality because of my lack both of knowledge and time. Moreover some of the ideas there shown are not really feasible with today's GTK+.

So, dreaming is good and all, but I want a good looking operating system now! I think that the solution I came up as shown in this screenshot is pretty good, both light and eye-pleasing.

I have to fix some little things (I want smaller buttons on the window decoration, a slightly darker shadow to better distinguish windows, check font sizes and a little else) and then I will eventually release a theme, or maybe better a "suite".

But I want to hear your feedback before, to know what to improve and what to completely change!

Some technical specifications for impatient people:
GTK theme: Clearlooks Brave with custom color scheme
Window decoration: Emerald with customized Soft&Clear theme
Wallpaper: something I found on the net and I will eventually upload it (or something similar for copyright questions)
Goodies: on the bottom of the screen you see Avant Window Navigator as its best (well, actually I'm thinking about changing its look to a more flat one).
On the top panel you have Global Menu for GTK+, that OSX-like menu thing that puts application menu on gnome panel.
A small touch also for the clock on the panel.
Icons: the beautiful, sleek, nuoveXT 2
Fonts: almost everywhere is the beautiful, rounded FreeSans with custom dpi setting to make it look good. I don't remember which is the monospaced one but I'll look for something better.

And, just before ending this long auto-celebration, let me say I was about to call this entry "I wish it was": meaning the default Ubuntu look, instead of that "strange" fat brown theme.


12 years ago

Whats the name of the wallpaper in the second screenshot?



13 years ago

YES !! please do it ...

i love it


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Apr 06 2009
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