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Minirok is a small music player written in Python for the K Desktop Environment. As its name hints, it's modelled after Amarok, but with a reduced set of features. In particular, it is designed to cover all the needs and wishes of the author, leaving everything else out. The look and feel is almost identical to Amarok's, though.

The main interface is a tree view of the filesystem, with a playlist that can only be populated via drag and drop. There is no collection built from tags, so it's targeted at people whose collection is structured in a tree already at the filesystem level. Searches can be performed both in the tree view and the playlist.

Other features include:

* DCOP interface for controlling the player and retrieving the currently played track, among other things

* alter the playing order in the playlist by queueing tracks; stop after a certain track; repeat track or playlist; random mode; undo and redo

* reading of tags when adding to the playlist can be disabled by specifying a regular expression to extract them from the filename

* submission of played songs to (with lastfmsubmitd)

* support for the classic Amarok "funky-monkey" theme

* global keybindings (see README.Usage for details)


11 years ago



13 years ago

Minirok is a great application. Just the thing I was looking for. However there are a few requests I have regarding the application.

Firstly it would be nice to have volume control within Minirok. Secondly the Last.Fm integration, would it be possbible to use another method of submitting the tracks to Last.Fm besides using the current method? I personally do not with to run lastfmsubmitd. If there are any other alternatives that could be introduced alongside the current method?

None the less Minirok is a great application :)



13 years ago


- GLOBAL SHORTCURTS !!!!!! please too :)



13 years ago

the base is good... but

- ???? Bar volume !!!!!
- tabs of playlists
- (optional for user -> desactivate the panel left, explore files.. only when i want use it. (option in the menu))
- (ksysguard) Many resources expended i think (see Foobar2000 in windows, it's the referee)
- bar s/mins... can i use it ??

The rest, perfect.

keep ' it!





13 years ago

Hey, thanks!, glad you like it. It still hasn't reached 1.0, so rough edges are to be expected. ;) Down to the specifics:

> bar s/mins... can i use it ??

If you mean the position slider, yes, this is expected. But since I may be switching from GStreamer to Phonon when I port Minirok to KDE4, I'm waiting on this, because I don't want to implement it twice.

> - ???? Bar volume !!!!!
> - tabs of playlists

Both are in the "possible TODO" list. Personally I don't use volume bars in players, just use global keybindings for KMix, but since several people have asked for this, I guess I'll do it. Tabs, maybe.

> - (optional for user -> desactivate the panel left, explore files.. only when i want use it. (option in the menu))

Maybe better than a menu option, a button/vertical tab in the left, as Amarok has.

> - GLOBAL SHORTCURTS !!!!!! please too :)

I cannot live without global shortcuts myself, but sadly the PyKDE bindings for KDE3 have a bug where using global bindings make the application crash. There is a README.Usage about how to configure global bindings using dcop.

Thanks for the feedback!



13 years ago

nice app but process python grows until 60-70% of cpu used..


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