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Klat is a LaTeX editor for KDE 3. It uses a 'kate' component as its editor. It provides a menu to run programs like 'latex', 'dvips', 'pdflatex' etc. This menu can be modified by the user: commands can be added, deleted and edited. Shortcut keys can be assigned to the defined commands.


16 years ago

This is a great contribution. I actually use ConTeXt instead of LaTeX, and could really use a configurable TeX editor on Linux (see below). I tried Kile some time ago, but most things were hardwired into the framework.

If the developer can add configurability so that a user can use any flavor of TeX & friends, then that will really be wonderful.

The developer already knows this I'm sure, but the best TeX-editor framework I've ever seen is actually WinEdT on Windows. The main drawback (for me) is that there is no bidirectional support. Since the Kate component should already support bidi and unicode, I'm assuming that Klat will as well.

If configurability is extended to other flavors of TeX like ConTeXt, the developer should rename this to KTeX:-)

I wish the developer all the best



16 years ago

Kile 1.7 will be completely configurable. It will be released in a month.




16 years ago

It seems to be a kile clone-wannabe with many less features... can you explain a little more about it?




16 years ago

Two years ago, I was looking for a nice latex editor for KDE. I found Kate to be an excellent editor, but the problem was that I still had run all the latex related commands using xterm or konsole (or something similar).

Then, I found Kile and it seemed to be the application I was looking for. Unfortunately, at that time Kile did not use a Kate part as its editor and to be honest, I really didn't like the editor that Kile used.

Then I decided to write a new application: one which would use a Kate part as its editor and which could compile latex documents. Basically, that's what Klat is. I made the 'execute' menu in such a way that the user can easily add his own commands, which makes Klat quite flexible.

I'm sure that Kile has many many more features, but I'm also sure that I don't need most of them.


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