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X.509 Certificate Viewer

This is the first version of a simple X.509 certificate viewer for KDE environment.

It has been tested with several certificates on Kubuntu 9.10 with PyQT4 bindings and m2crypto library.

It is also my first Python, PyQt4 and m2crypto program, so bugs (a lot) are expected...


This has been developed on Kubuntu 9.10 with KDE 4.4 with Python 2.6.4 using the available PyQT4 and m2crypto packages on Kubuntu/Ubuntu reps..

I've not tested on other platforms/distributions, so there might exist problems installing and using.


The available functionality are the ones that are available by the m2crypto lib:

- View certificate subject, issuer, dates and extensions
- Open X.509 certificates in DER and PEM format
- Export X.509 certificates in DER and PEM format. This is better than using the openssl command line

It hasn't yet any way to validate the following:
- The certificate chain
- The CRL
- The validity of the certificate data
Maybe for future versions.

I believe that on this simple program there are a lot of them, mainly:
- incorrect use/design of QT designer for creating the UI...
- incorrect manipulation of strings, mainly for decoding unicode/utf-8/utf-16 strings that might be on the certificate
- incorrect use of messagebox on the class constructor...
- unknow bugs that might make things explode...

How to use it:

The simplest way is to call it from the command line with the certificate file as the first parameter:

pycertvwr cert.crt

The certificate must be in DER (binary) or PEM (Base64) format.

It is also possible to associate the program to the file extensions like crt, cer, der and so on on Dolphin and Konqueror.

How to install:

I'm unable to find information on the web for packaging python scripts for KDE, so the solution so far is to copy the files to /usr/local/bin or one directory that's included in the PATH.
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Initial version

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