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Qwit-1.0-beta is here!

Want to follow an interesting person but do not understand language he speaks? Now you can read and post twits in different languages!

Want to manage friends from client? Now you can!

This project was started with the purpose of studying Qt4 programming. It could be useful, for example, for KDE users, who need a natively looking client for their systems. And of course it works in Gnome, Windows and every system that is supported by Qt.

Latest version features:
- depends on Qt4 only;
- KDE native look;
- http-proxy support;
- userpics caching;
- clickable links in messages;
- public, replies, custom user timelines, search;
- caching messages between sessions;
replies, retweets and direct messages support;
- customizable interface;
- twitpic support;
- customizable automatic update of all tabs;
- url shorteners support;
- multiple accounts support;
- identi.ca and other twitter-compatible services support (not tested as much as needed);
- twits translation support (via GoogleTranslate);
- basic password encryption;
- friends management support.

Official Qwit microblog, where all major (and some minor) changes will be posted: http://twitter.com/_qwit_
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