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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on

Available as/for: -

Original script was taken here.
This script creates screenshot of selected part of your desktop and sends it to server
- Allows you to select an area of ​​the desktop, then loads a screenshot to the server

- After logging on you can see your screenshots, delete them.

To take full advantage of script you should register on This allows you to store your screenshots unlimited time, and the ability to see all your screenshots in the gallery and delete them. No registration screenshots will be deleted in 3 days after the last view.

Each user has 50 MB. of disk space.

Everything was done for myself, so, please don't scold me =)

The script requires ImageMagick, ruby ​​and Firefox

Work tested on Ubuntu and Kubuntu, the others should also work.

1. download the file

2. Put it in any directory

3. Register online (optional, but recommended)

4. Open the file with a text editor, and enter your user name and password within quotes (if not register - do not change anything)

username = 'username'
userpass = 'password'

5. Save the file and make it executable

6. Double click on the file to run grab a screenshot of the desktop.

You can also set hotkeys in your DE performance file: I have ctrl + print screen.
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