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Pink Poodle 0.1 "Rapidshare Executor"
(c)2008 Dennis Nikomanis
License GPL Version 2 or later

Pink Poodle "Rapidshare Executer"
is a tool to manage recursive multifile/splitted RAR-archives
which contain videofiles from rapidshare or any other downloadsite.

It unrars the selected archive, checks if it contains
further RAR-files and unpacks them as well.

If the archive contains a video, the file will be
renamed to a chosen filename and is then moved to your primary videofolder.

If there are two or more videofiles in the archive
"Pink Poodle" creates a specified moviefolder and places the files inside.
Optionally it deletes the unpacked archives, if you don't need them anymore.

So you either have a single videofile in your primary videofolder,
or if there is more than one file, have them moved to a new moviefolder.
This makes it easy to keep track of your downloaded videos,
manage them on an internal or external HDD and to ditch your
dispensable files.

"Pink Poodle" has an deletion-routine and is an early alpha,
so NEVER have important documents or files in the sourcefolder
or in the destinationfolder. This is serious. Really.

Pink Poodle 0.1 is a test-version of the comming version.
The comming version will have a GUI as well and will be configurable.
This Version of Pink Poodle only works for Avi-files!
You must configure it by editing the .sh-file, where you have
to enter the correct path of your Movie directory.
Expl.: /media/myhdd/mymovies/ /media/HDD1/Downloads/dr-house-xvid.part1.rar password "Dr House Season 1" Episode1

This will recursively unrar dr-house-xvid.part1.rar
Then a Folder named "Dr House Season 1" will be created on your specified location
and the extracted files will be moved into that folder.
Finaly the file will be renamed to "Episode1".
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