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This is a brainstorm / mockup for Banshee, the new proposed features include tagging music files and importing tags, song timeline, wikipedia-youtube-lyrics fetching in a new way


11 years ago

Wich theme are you using in this mockup?



12 years ago

and find it an interesting and promising direction. "tags" applied to a music player or video player are a great idea; unfortunately the method in F-spot leaves room for desire (imho). hopefully if this idea bears fruit the tagging will be simple to use. i disagree on there being too much going on; it is no more cluttered than any other full-featured music/media player out there, esp. Winamp (ALOT going on in full mode unless you close portions down manually). now, what ideas are there for album art display? i like the way Sonata handles it with the art display on the small player, somewhat like CDArt Display.



12 years ago

I like the idea, but there is one thing that I have been thinking of for quite some time now. How come all music players for Linux become more and more cluttered? Like placing as much items/options/choises/images in one and same screen. All players seem to run further away from the usability that a normal "non-geek" person understands how to use.

I have no problem with this, as I have become used to this kind of players, but I do know that any time some non-linux user (parents, friends) see me use a player with tons of stuff squezed into it they usually ask "How can you use that crap? Thank god for winamp". Maybe there is a point in it?


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