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A 'visual' instrument and realtime video sampler for live video performances. Trigger samples, apply realtime fx (120+), scratch, mix, record. Veejay is a visual instrument and real-time video sampler. It allows you to "play" the video like you would play a piano. While playing, you can record the resulting video directly to disk (video sampling).

You can play video forward, backward, you can scratch and adjust the speed, apply amazing effects and alter your video all while playing.

It can load various movie files and pictures. Also it has support for (multiple) live camera input(s). It can stream
video over the network and much more!

Feature Overview

- Free Software (GNU GPL)
- Servent architecture
- Soft realtime
- Frame accurate
- Loop based editing
- Native YUV processing
- Crash recovery

- Codecs: MJPEG,MPNG, DV, YUV (raw)
- Containers: AVI , Quicktime, rawDV
- Devices: USB webcams, DV1394, TV capture cards, etc.
- Support for unlimited capture devices
- Support for Image files (PNG ,JPEG,TIFF,etc)

- 132 built-in FX , many unique and original FX filters
- FX chain (20 slots)
- All FX parameters can be animated.
- Mix up to two layers per FX slot
- Non destructive edit decision lists (cut/copy/paste/crop video)
- Simple text editor
- Sample editor
- Sequence editor
- Live disk recorder (sampling)
- Full deck save/restore
- Live clip loading
- Live sample sequencing

- VIMS event recording/playback (6)
- Various looping modes including bounce looping
- Playback speed and direction
- Video scratching
- Change in-and out points of a sample (marker)
- Slow motion audio / video (7)
- Fast motion audio / video
- Dynamic framerate
- Random frame play
- Random sample play
- Access up to 4096 video samples instantly

- Audio trough Jack (low latency audio server) (
- SDL and OpenGL video
- Headless
- YUV4MPEG streaming
- Network streaming (unicast and multicast)
- Preview rendering

- Programmable keyboard interface
- VIMS (tcp/ip)
- OSC (udp)
- PureData trough sendVIMS external

- Full screen or windowed mode
- Perspective and foward projection (9)

- Support for FreeFrame plugins
- Support for Frei0r plugins
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