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search and sort, queue, sparse array, GTK dialog builder, pixbuf rotate, etc. The tarball contains two source programs, a menu-driven test program zfuncstest.cc to exercise the individual functions, and the function library zfuncs.cc.

zfuncs.cc icludes the following utilities among others:
MatchWild - compare strings with multiple wildcards (* ?)
SearchWild - search for files matching pathname with multiple wildcards anywhere
bsearch - binary search an array of strings
HeapSort - callback function to compare records, allows weird sorts
HashTab - hash table C++ class (fast string store and find)
Queue - queue C++ class (push, pop newest, pop oldest) (thread safe)
Tree - C++ sparse array class - indexes can be numbers or strings
menus and toolbars - build GTK menus and toolbars with simpler code
zlock - use GTK in threads more easily and safely
wprintf - printf() to scrolling window, specified row or next row
zdialog - build GTK dialogs with simpler code
pixbuf_rotate - rotate GDK pixbuf through any angle
image_gallery - thumbnail image browser and navigator, callback for clicked image
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