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Graphic interface to configure kernel modules options and install DKMS-enabled packages It's sometimes necessary for users to set certain options of a kernel module to make a device (e.g. webcam) work on their machine. They would usually have to edit /etc/modules.conf to set those options, which is clearly a barrier for non-technical users.
This tool lets users configure kernel modules options through a graphic interface so that they don't have to deal with /etc/modules.conf.

Another issue is that the kernel modules parameters documentation (as returned by the "modinfo" command) is sometimes terse, often unclear with respect to the range of values an option accepts, and is only written in English. This can make it difficult for many users.

This tool provides a mechanism to enhance the kernel modules documentation by better capturing the type of options (boolean, range, string, etc..) they support, and enabling those to be translated. These informations are stored in XML files (get the gmodconfig-data package from sourceforge).

This tool also serves as a GUI on top of DKMS so that new versions of kernel modules packaged with DKMS can be installed with a few mouse clicks.

The core of this tool is a Bonobo component. This enables other applications to embed it and access its functionalities. For example a patch exists to embed it inside the hwbrowser tool from Red Hat.
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