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A Commodore related application to convert BASIC programs from their binary form to text. CBM BASIC Lister (formerly C64 BASIC Lister) is a tool to generate an easily readable and printable BASIC listing of any CBM BASIC program (C64/VIC20, etc.) saved as "prg" file.

It is not a BASIC interpreter, it's not a debugger and neither a development tool. It's just a LISTer and, by default, it acts just as the C64 native "LIST" command does.
Extra flow-control options were introduced to automatically correct the aspect of each listing and format it before introducing any part of it in your own electronic documents.
Of course, it can be used to study a BASIC program listing from your PC too.

Current features are:

- Optional indent-ation of cycle (and procedure with Extended sets) body, with nested cycles processing
- Optional right alignment of BASIC line numbers
- Optional blank line insertion after a RETURN/END command (and End of procedures with Extended sets)
- Simon's BASIC, Ultra BASIC (ABACUS), and Special BASIC support (with detection)


- UTF CBM fontset to correctly display BASIC listings
- Comprehensive and detailed help files
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