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5 .0

v1.0 - First Release

Why do this?
Many businesses use laptops with offline files to provide off
site access to their network. Offline files was a lot better
in Windows 7 but still has a lot of reliability issues and has
caused a lot of issues over the last few years.

For organisations that still want mobile access to files but
are sick of the bugs caused by offline files Watch My Folder
is the solution!

This simple program will watch a specified location and create a 1:1 backup of this folder.

Watch My Folder can also:
* Make shadow copies of individual files.
* Mark deleted files after they are removed from the source folder.

* Input Folder - The path that you will be watching.
* Backup Folder - The path where the backups are stored.
* Skip Files - File extensions that will be skipped when found.
(Single space seperated. ' ')
* Skip Folders - Skip directories that contains these strings.
(Four space seperated. ' ')
* Wait Time - Wait before each folder to reduce network load.
* Skip Hidden Files - Skip Linux hidden files (e.g. ./.file.png)
* Skip Hidden Folders - Skip Linux hidden folders (e.g. ./.folder/)
* Skip Tilde Files - Skip Gedit backup files (e.g. ./file.txt~)
* File Versioning - Enable/Disable file versioning in the backup folder.
(eg. file.doc will become file.doc-0.old when replaced)
* Mark Deleted Files - Add '.deleted' to the end of backup files
(This helps identify old files to keep your backup location fresh)
* Hide on Startup - Hide the window in the system tray on startup
* Run Automatically - Start watching your folders right away.

Supported Variables
Variables that can be used in your folder or backup path.
* $USER - lachlan
* $HOME - /home/lachlan
* $HOSTNAME - laptop

Use cases
LOCAL -> NETWORK (I have used LAN shares and Internet/Sharepoint sites)

Memory usage is quite low (2-3mb) while watching and wait times are an effective way of reducing network load.

* python 2.7
* gnome-icon-theme

Last changelog:

7 years ago

*NOTE: Windows support has been dropped from this version.
Use the GTK2 version if you require Windows support.


6 years ago

this application it's only for 32bit system?




6 years ago

i included 32 bit python to make it easier on windows but you can run the code from any python version > 2.6 as far as i know.

In windows change the last line on the bat file to point to your python install.

(start ..\python\pythonw.exe


7 years ago

*NOTE: Windows support has been dropped from this version.
Use the GTK2 version if you require Windows support.

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