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With EncFSman you can create encrypted filesystems, define mappings to mount and unmount these filesystems and store passphrases in a secure place. EncFSman automatically detects whether you use GNOME's keyring or KDE's wallet. If you place EncFSman in your startup folder, the software can automount your defined mappings at login.

EncFSman is a Linux GUI - program, written in Python and using the wxWidgets cross-platform Gui-library.
Last changelog:

EncFSman-1.15 3 years ago

Fixed: Compatibility issue with wxPython 3.x

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EncFSman-1.15 3 years ago

Fixed: Compatibility issue with wxPython 3.x

7 years ago

EncFSman 1.01
Fixed: Some minor bugs and code polish

EncFSman 0.50
New: Python 3.x compatibility
Fixed: Some minor bugs
Updated: (HTML) Help file

EncFSman 0.20
Improved: Close window minimizes to system tray
Fixed: Some minor bugs (now edit mounted mapping not allowed)
Updated: (HTML) Help file

EncFSman 0.15
Initial release

product-maker AlexeyIvanov Nov 04 2012 9 excellent
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