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CrossFTP is an excellent FTP client. CrossFTP Pro is a FTP client supporting SFTPS, FXP, WebDav, Sun CLoud Storage, and Amazon S3. CrossFTP is an excellent FTP client for reliable transfers. CrossFTP uses a familiar, Explorer-like interface that even the most novice user can master in minutes. It offers features such as Web starting, international encoding support, archive browsing, site password encryption, drag-and-drop, filtering, Web searching, image quick viewer, auto-reconnecting and anti-idle, and sound triggers, etc.

CrossFTP Pro is a FTP client supporting SFTPS, FXP, WebDav, MobileMe iDisk, Sun Cloud Storage, and Amazon S3. It provides value-added features like secure and multi-thread transports, remote file editing, iDist, Amazon S3, synchronization, etc.

The Metal Look & Feel has the best reliability & performance in Linux (Tools->Global Options->Display)
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