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Since I always use LaTeX to write my letters, I thought there should be a quick and easy way to do so. So I wrote this little program that lets you enter all the basic required information for a letter, and then generates a tex file (using 'dinbrief') and runs pdflatex after clicking a button.

The resulting pdf file is shown as a preview and updated with every click on the "Write letter" button. All letter data can be saved to files and later loaded into QLeTTeX again. For more advanced options, the generated tex file provides a good starting point.

Address data can be saved to a sqlite database.

I created this program as a little toy project to get to know Qt4, and I hope someone else finds it useful too.

- Qt >= 4.6
- pdflatex must be in your path
- the LaTeX package 'dinbrief' must be available

The provided deb packages for Ubuntu 10.04 should take care of all the requirements.
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