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SpeedCrunch is a fast, keyboard-oriented, high precision scientific desktop calculator.


6 years ago

I thought this was a neat app. I was looking for basic temperature conversions either in the functions or constants but I didn't see any or maybe it is a different name.



12 years ago

- your qmake project file is most likely outdated.
please don't abondon it. qmake has the advantage of actually working on all qt supported systems.
- the input doesn't accept a comma (,) as decimal deperator althougth thats the one used in my langauge. you can retreive the native settings from QLocale.
- would be nice to have the "=" button larger then the others. its hard to spot
- there is a weird tooltip around the expression or history widget. dunno how you trigger it, but it's anoying.
-wtf is that mathbook? its just empty.

Overall a nice project. You get a "good" vote from me. I will use it as my every day calculator. Please keep it Qt :)




12 years ago

Hi Arvid. Thank you so much for the comment.

For the time being, CMake has done the job pretty well. I also want to use qmake as an alternative, maybe it will return in the next version. Not sure if I'm gonna get the same flexibility and mimic all features, but will probably try.

The decimal separator is actually retrieved from QLocale if you have the setting to use system default on. For 0.11 I'll probably just accept both dot and comma.

I'm thinking on a solution for the equal button and the keypad in general.

Not sure what tooltip you mention, really.

Regarding the mathbook, take a look at the screenshots for OSX and KDE: http://speedcrunch.org/en_US/screenshots.html . You probably didn't run "sudo make install". Can't remember exactly if that was fixed for 0.10.1 already or only in trunk, but you probably need run "lrelease speedcrunch.pro".

Thanks for the vote and for using it :) I'll always try to keep it Qt.


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