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Qtilities is a set of well documented and mature Qt C++ libraries which provides building blocks for Qt applications, allowing rapid application development. The project consists of different modules which provide features which are common to a wide range of Qt applications, with the main goal of making common things easier to do.

Qtilities uses a flexible licensing scheme, providing GPL or LGPL licenses for open source applications and an innovative commercial licensing scheme. If you are an individual or a small company, you can get a commercial license by making a donation of any value, 1$ or 1000$, its up to you. For bigger companies, per developer annual commercial licenses are available.

It consists of the following modules:
- A core module.
- A core gui module.
- A logging module.
- A project management module.
- An extension system module.
- A testing module.

For more information, please see the product home page.
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the project seems to be licensed under GPL. I think LGPL should also be added to the list of licenses if that is not the case yet. LGPL suits libs very well and would increase the adoption of Qtilities.

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