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5 .0

Hi there,

That's KDE 3.5 on Fedora Core 4.

My Desktop was built from mostly highly rated stuff from www.kde-look, many thanks to all the developers.

Icons: Black + white icons >
Theme: Embassy >
Window Decoration: Crystal >
Style: QtCurve >
Improvement: KBFX >
Karamba: Canadian Weather >
Icons (keyboard layout): KBFlags >
Soft green Duked, Wallpaper 1280x1024: >

Firefox Theme: OrangeShift >

System monitor: GKrellM, Theme: thinsys >

GKrellM shows GKrellMWeather, Volume and GKrellMMS(used here with Beep Media Player) plugins.

I basically only changed the colors on the Embassy theme, tweak here and there...
I must add, after some researches, I could prevent the annoying "tooltip" from KBFX from showing at all and that's why I'm still using it.

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