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RadioRipper is a simple bash script that plugs into amarok and uses streamripper to record radio stations you listen.

It opens a new Xterm for each recorded stream, so you are free to download 1000 or more streams at the same time.

To save a stream, right click on it in your playlist, at the bottom is a new MenuItem, select "RecordRadio" and "Ripp Stream". A Xterm window appears with a running instance of streamripper. Now hear the next stream and start the next "Ripp Stream" while the others are still running.

They are stored in a directory called "RadioStreams" in your home directory.

If you wish to change the streamripper options (proxy settings etc.) or the directory where things are stored right-click on RippRadio in your script manager and click edit. These are simply variables that are set in the first few lines of the file.

You need to have streamripper installed. It comes as part of Debian and several other distributions. You can also download it from .
For RecordRadio to run need to have a few standard GNU commands available: (xterm, egrep, sed)
Tested with :
Amarok == 1.4.10
Streamripper == 1.63.5

Based on RecordRadio. Thanks to the developers.
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