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I'm re-uploading this because it just gone when "" was gone.

Automatically disable and enable touchscreen by tablet devices' proximity state changes.
So that hand rejection works, even touchscreen and tablet are separated devices.

I wrote this for my tablet pc, which contains Wacom Tablet Device, so this may not work for tablets from other vendors.

Systemd Service file is included, so that systemd can run it and even autostart on session start.

Requirement: XInput 2, GLib 2
Last changelog:

0.9.9a 4 years ago

Added config.rpath, which is generated from gettextize.

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0.9.9a 4 years ago

Added config.rpath, which is generated from gettextize.

0.9.9 4 years ago

* Added --with-systemd-user-unit option.
Also variable SYSTEMD_USER_UNIT_DIR can be set, if systemd unit should be installed on other location.
* Fixed command line option help is not translated.
* Fixed crash when user put non-existing device name.

0.9.8 4 years ago

* Check 'sleep' command in configure.
This is required to delay autostart, to wait for X Server to run.
* Make use of configure variables in service file.

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