Multiple VLC enhancments
VLC Extensions

This extension will
* Resume last played item at VLC start-up
* Resume last played position for all the items.
* 'Del' key will delete the playing item from disk and VLC playlist immediately- no warning

To install
- click on the download (OMNI Extension) button below

- Save the file to
*%ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions\ %ProgramFiles% is your windows program directory create sub folder extensions if it doesn't exist

After installing, lunch VLC, go to VLC menu 'View' and choose the new menu item 'Omni Options' and enable Omni

- If you want to save the modified playlist after deleting items, use VLC menu 'Media' 'Save Playlist to File'
- If you delete items from VLC playlist, it will not delete from disk

If you find this extension useful, please consider a donation.

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