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This extension is made for watching TV shows. It was supposed to automatically save the position and episode, but due to limitations in newer versions of VLC (no more event callbacks) this is sadly not possible.
What it CAN do is:
- create playlists for easy access
- save the position when manually deactivated
- resume episodes where left off
- overwrite existing playlists, so you can update them when new episodes come out

I made this extension split the file path into two parts, the base path and the episode path. This is so you can reuse your playlist files on different computers and only have to change one line. The path is split on the first occurrence of the string "Season". This means your video files have to be in a folder containing the word "Season" or it won't work!

- Download vlcTADED.zip
- Copy vlcTADED.lua into your extensions folder, as described here: http://www.vlchelp.com/install-vlc-media-player-addon/
- Copy the "vlcTADED" folder to your document directory
- Remember to put your videos in a "Season" folder!

Even though this didn't turn out as convenient as I pictured it to be (auto saving, hotkey support, auto enabled), I still find it very handy. Hope you like it and have fun :)


2 years ago

When you understand how to use it, it becomes very useful!
I created a playlist for every season of the show (let's say they are 10). Then, i created a bigger playlist which consists of those 10 playlists. I start watching the big playlist. I am at s01e01 for example, and i want to create an entry for this extension. So i go to View->Continues TV shows->Create files for new show->textbox: Friends->Create files. Now, i continue watching my show. Let's assume i am at s01e05 and i want to save my position and exit VLC. I pause the video, go to View and press Continues TV shows. Now i exit VLC. When i want to continue watching my show, i open VLC program, go to View->Continues TV shows->select show from list->Load show and voila! Show continues from s01e05!
Hope this will help!



4 years ago

Can you please explain how to use it?
I only get the following error:
File reading failed:
VLC could not open the file "C:\Users\<user>\Documents\vlcTADED\<name of show>Config.txt" (Bad file descriptor).
and that config file doesn't exist.
- How do I start TADED?
- How do I create an entry for a show?
- Do I have to create these config files manually?




4 years ago

you can start this addon by going to View -> vlcTADED, this will open the main window.
To create an entry for a show load all the episodes into your playlist, then click "Create files for new show". In the next window enter the name of the show and then click "Create files", remember that all videos in the playlist need to be in a folder containing the word "Season"!
After you've done all this you should be able to load the show, you do not need to create any files manually.



4 years ago

I can't get it to work.
Now it creates entries in the file tadedConfig.txt but nothing else and then for every choice I make I get the error mentioned above.



1 year ago

I ran into similar problems that you mentioned.

The trick I found that works is to manually create a playlist, then load the playlist into VLC. When the playlist is running, then open the plugin (View --> Continues TV Shows --> Create Files for New Show --> [Enter Name] --> Create Files). After you do this you should see Config.txt and Playlist.txt in ~/Documents/vlcTADED.

After this close VLC and try opening the show through View --> Continues TV Show --> Load Show. I found it will always resume the correct file from the playlist. To get the correct position from the file I have to manually uncheck View --> Continues TV Show before closing VLC.

It was a little buggy the first few times but appears to be behaving stable and reliably now. Lua is a programming language, so the the .lua file can be manually inspected in text editor to better understand how it works. I would like to thank the developer for sharing this very useful plugin.

VLC is a great tool. I think a next-gen "killer feature" would to easily and conveniently watch TV shows with a Netflix-esque convenience.


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