URL files parser 0.02
VLC Playlist Parsers
Score 50%

It parse the internet shortcuts (Uniform Resource Locator).

It is particularly useful to open url files that point to streamings or to YouTube videos.

How to install and use:
1) Install VLC 1.1.0 or higher
2) Place the script in:
- Windows (all users): %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist\
- Windows (current user): %APPDATA%\VLC\lua\playlist\
- Linux (all users): /usr/share/vlc/lua/playlist/
- Linux (current user): ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/playlist/
- Mac OS X (all users): VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/share/lua/playlist/
3) Open the URL files in VLC


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