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Do you wish that you had the power to make your own custom TV stations out of your personal media library? Well now you can! With VLC Custom TV Channel Maker, you can make your own TV channels that will have their own unique program schedule and will keep up in real time! This means that if you \"tune in\" to a channel to see what\'s on and then close that channel, if you return two minutes later you will find that the channel is still playing what it was playing before, but is now two minutes ahead too. Make dozens of custom channels from your own favourite TV shows and say hello to channel surfing on the computer!

VLC Custom Channel Maker comes with a python script to catalogue your entire media collection into .channel files, and a VLC lua playlist script that will automatically let VLC read those .channel files.


3 years ago

I have been looking for something like this for quite some time now. I finally found this and have been trying to make it work all day. Please some one get it to run properly in a Windows environment! I am having the MRU error that has been mentioned earlier. I think this is the future of home entertainment... at least mine if no one elses.


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