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VLC Playlist Parsers

TVN put the mp4 file back, no need for a fix, just use v0.2

This playlist parser is designed for people watching Polish TV news from channel TVN 24 (Fakty).
On their site there is only a small flash player without fullscreen.

This parser translates url from polish for Fakty to the URL of the correct mp4 stream, so you can watch it in VLC. The quality is not perfect, but at least you have fullscreen, can redirect stream ...

Usage :
  • install the parser (see below)

  • run VLC ;)

  • File "Open stream"

  • paste url ""

  • watch today's "Fakty"

  • Installation :
    Copy the script (tvn24fakty.lua) in:

    - Windows
    * (all users): %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist\
    * (current user): %APPDATA%\VLC\lua\playlist\
    - Linux
    * (all users): /usr/share/vlc/lua/playlist/
    * (current user): ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/playlist/
    - Mac OS X
    * (all users): /Applications/

    Note : if you have buffering problems, increase http buffer to 2000 ms in the prefs
    Note : don't hesitate to report issues in the comments below

    (tags : poland, polish, news, TVN, TVN24, Fakty, lua, parser, playlist, mp4, url, polska)


    5 years ago

    v 0.1 initial version
    v 0.2 add support for Artwork and Titles in playlists (uploaded on 18-oct-2011)
    v 0.3 TO BE RELEASED fix bug with live stream (can't watch while show is on air)
    v 0.4 TO BE RELEASED add possibility to watch videos from other pages (like specific subjects extracted from the news.

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